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  • Free Fleet Prep In Anticipation Of Recovery

    Sponsored Content October 1, 2020

    Cummins offers free health checkup to prepare your fleet for a return to normal operations.

    Due to COVID-19, we are living in unprecedented times. All types of bus operations have been impacted, idling everything from school buses to a large percentage of urban transit fleets.

    Buses that are out of service and sitting still for extended periods of time can experience undesirable issues impacting performance and reliability. To help prevent unwanted maintenance, there are plenty of preventive measures you can take to ensure your entire fleet stays healthy. These include items such as periodically checking the quality of your fuel to ensure that it doesn’t have excess water due to condensation, verifying the quality of your Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) which can lose potency over time, making sure that the fluid levels in your buses are topped off, checking your battery voltages once a month and double-checking to make sure that any fuel-fired heaters are off. But there’s one additional step you might want to consider – and the best news is, it won’t cost you a single dime.

    Take Advantage Of Our Free Fleet Health Check.

    Right now, during this unique season of unplanned downtime, your local Cummins Sales and Service branch wants to partner with you to help prevent unwanted issues by performing a free health checkup on your fleet. When life resumes as normal and you are operating at full capacity, every bus in your fleet will be ready to perform at peak efficiency and reliability.

    What’s Included:

    When you call and schedule a free fleet health check with your local Cummins Sales and Service branch, our certified technicians will come to your location to perform a complete check on all your Cummins-powered buses, using the latest diagnostic equipment. The list of free services includes:

    • Retrieval of full ECM image
    • Fault code review
    • Calibration update (if needed)
    • Inspection of all belts and hoses
    • Fluid level check
    • Visual inspection for leaks (oil, transmission, fuel, coolant)
    • Battery connection condition check
    • Inspection of charging/starting system
    • Wiring Harnesses – visual check
    • Inspection of radiator
    • Enabling of DPF temperature stabilization feature (only if regen is not set to “0” mph)

    After retrieving and analyzing the data from each bus, your Cummins branch will provide you with their findings in a quick, easy-to-understand report. If the analysis identifies maintenance items that need to be addressed, they will work with you directly to complete the work in a timeframe based on your operational needs.

    Fleet Health Checks Are Worth It…Take It From Tom Belcher

    At Cummins, our goal is to always provide exceptional products, dependable service and reliable support when and where our customers need it. A global pandemic does not change that. By offering free health checks, we are helping to provide peace of mind to our customers, giving peace of mind and a measure of control. In a time of uncertainty, the health and readiness of your bus fleet doesn’t have to be.

    Tom Belcher, district fleet supervisor for Dublin City Schools in Ohio, recently worked with our Hilliard, Ohio branch to complete a fleet health check on his 65 Cummins-powered buses.

    “Conducting a fleet health check on our 65 units uncovered some issues that needed attention, and the action shown during this time to complete these in two weeks by the Cummins Sales and Service Hilliard branch is in a class of its own,” Belcher said.

    “Preventive and predictive maintenance at its best has and will always keep any fleet safe, and for our 18,000 students that will soon again be travelling to and from school, field trips and sporting events, safety is our number one priority. I cannot put into words the amount of appreciation and gratitude I feel towards all the staff at Cummins Hilliard. During times of uncertainty, it is great to see businesses coming together.”

    Schedule Your Free Fleet Health Check Today! 

    Call your local Cummins Sales and Service branch or call 1-800-CUMMINS (1-800-286-6467).