Wayside Inspection Devices Inc.

20 Rue de la Cooperative, Rigaud, QC J0P1P0 Canada

About Us

Wayside Inspection Devices (WID) is the developer and supplier of the TBOGI truck condition monitor and hunting detector. By identifying compromised trucks, operators will grain twice the wheel life, stop premature rail wear, improve fuel/energy efficiency and reduce the risk of service interruptions – derailments.

WID is well-known for supplying systems that are railroad-tough and accurate. TBOGI systems carry a low cost of ownership, are easy to maintain, and provide data that is highly repeatable. The systems have a proven history of reducing derailments, service interruptions, wear on the rail, and wear on the wheels and trucks.

TBOGI is available in two configurations:

  • TBOGI-TR systems are designed for transit and metro railway environments, including tunnels, elevated guideways, metropolitan areas, or multiple-track main lines.
  • TBOGI-HD systems are designed for the harsh environments of freight and heavy haul railways, including remote, dusty, snowy or extreme temperature locations.

Product Information

Introducing TBOGI-TR, a new wayside solution tailored specifically for passenger and metro railways where trackside space is limited. TBOGI-TR delivers the full suite of TBOGI benefits, at a fraction of the size. Hunting detection is optional. TBOGI-TR identifies trucks with underlying defects that enables railways to intervene to significantly improve their wheel life, reduce the consequential rail wear, and improve energy/fuel consumption.
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