PSI Repair Services, Inc.

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About Us

PSI Repair Services provides a wide range of repairs and life extension programs, including product upgrades and copy exact manufacturing, to the bus and light/heavy rail sectors of the public transit industry. We specialize in electronic repairs for high power propulsion and power systems, as well as mechanical and electromechanical components. See below for examples:


Line Interface Modules (LIMs)

Gate Thyristors (GTOs)


Gate Control Boards

DC to DC Converters

Auxiliary/Low Voltage Power Supplies (AUX/LVPS)

Battery Chargers



Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) Drivers

Motor controls

Substation Rebuild



AC / DC Motors




Air Springs



Servo Motors

Blower Motors


Farebox Bill Transports


Proportional Valves


Line Breakers

PSI goes the extra mile to help you meet and exceed passenger safety regulations by the Public Transit Authority (PTA), with complete traceability and testing services for repairs. Our highly skilled engineers routinely develop updated solutions while retaining critical form, fit and functional characteristics, including analog, mixed signal and digital systems.   

PSI’s ISO 9001:2008-certified facility possesses the most advanced equipment in the market today for identifying stressed, degraded or hard failed ICs, assuring a “like-new” assembly that often outperforms the original part. Plus, many of our technicians are certified in IPC quality standards, such as rework and repair (2177), acceptability of electronic assemblies (610), and soldering (J-STD-001).

PSI’s component life extension programs include:

Copy Exact Manufacturing

Available for electronic boards and power supplies.

Custom Engineering Services

PSI engineering provides legacy support services. Our knowledgeable engineers often make design improvements to old components to better fit the customer’s application, resulting in significant cost-savings and performance improvement.

Need to increase the efficiency of your Line Replaceable Units (LRUs)?

PSI provides the option to replicate an entire assembly or subassembly with current, more reliable technology.


Electrical/Electronic Devices

Propulsion Systems

Power Systems

Electromechanical Devices

Engineering Services

Testing Services

Traceability Services

Product Upgrade Services

Copy Exact Manufacturing

Here are just a few reasons to work with PSI Repair Services:

Cost Savings

Increased Efficiency

Increased Uptime

Robust Engineering Services

Reliability Improvement

Sustainment & Obsolescence Management

Knowledgeable Technical Support

Top-Of-The-Line Test Equipment

Exchange Program

Repair & Hold Solutions

Overflow Support