CSched USA

1806 W Cuyler Ave, Suite 3C, Chicago, IL 60613 United States

About Us

CSched specializes in providing scheduling consulting services to transit agencies. The international experience of our senior staff team represents fifty years of innovative solutions applied to the transportation industry including ferry, passenger rail, and bus transit operations.  All of the work we do relates directly to scheduling or the support of scheduling systems.

CSched Services offers assistance to transit agencies and operating contractors both large and small in improving the efficiency, effectiveness, and streetability of their timetables, blocks and crew schedules.  We achieve this through basic scheduling fundamentals as well as advanced optimization techniques.  We use GIRO’s HASTUS scheduling system to provide scheduling services to smaller agencies that would otherwise rely on manual methods such as Excel. 

CSched is also the exclusive North American sub-licenser of HASTUS by CSched -- a fixed route scheduling software packaged to meet the needs and budget limitations of smaller transit systems in a secure and robust SaaS (“Software as a Service”) environment. 

Combined, HASTUS by CSched and CSched Services is the ideal pairing for small transit agencies needing a tailored fixed route scheduling software and access to expert schedulers with decades of experience in scheduling efficiency. Our motto is clear: Scheduling is our ONE Specialty!