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4628 Montevallo Road, Suite 204, Birmingham, AL 35210 United States

About Us

MessagePoint Media provides the manufacturing, deployment, content management software, and integrated support for a range of transit-oriented digital signage products, including Indoor and Outdoor Intelligent LCD Displays, Full Matrix Color LED, Solar E-Ink and LCD, Automated PA Systems, Interactive Kiosks, and Mobile Infotainment.

MessagePoint was designed from the ground up to be a different kind of solution for digital signage. We cut out middlemen that drive up hardware costs, we provide continuous software development cycles to expand functionality, and we provide managed service that represents a force-multiplier for our customers’ teams.

Our solutions are built upon 3 pillars, Modular and Expandable Purpose Designed Hardware, a Cutting-Edge Content Management Software, and most importantly, a Managed Services & Support Model that gives our customers access to extended support uncommon in the industry.


Modular Hardware

MessagePoint Media designs our digital signage solutions with a 21st century model of mass-customization combined with a managed services model that incorporates hardware and content management platform support to meet any requirement. We build custom designed hardware solutions, tailored and scaled to our customer’s needs at a disruptive price-point.

Content Management Software

Our content management system, MessagePoint.TV, is built on top of a powerful HTML5, general purpose, cloud based platform that drives thousands of screens all over the world. The platform is entirely cloud based, requires zero server infrastructure, and can be accessed from any device: mobile or desktop. Our platform is cross-compatible with Windows, Android, Linux, MacOS, or Google Chrome.

Extended Support

Our support offerings are at the core of our service, bringing a proven managed service model from the Information Technology space to digital signage. Our support and training extends far beyond the implementation phase, with customers able to customize their level of support, up to and including full-time content management and routine content creation.


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