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    635,000,000+   (US$-Sales Revenue in 2018) 

    2,400,000+     (Passenger Car AC-Output in 2018) 

    54,049+          (Bus AC-Output in 2018, include 28,737 Sets Electric Bus AC)

    4,000+            (Headcounts) 

    3,000+            (Truck Refrigeration Units-Output in 2018) 

    1,000+            (Rail Transit AC-Output in 2018) 

    13+                 (Manufacturing Bases)


    Since established in 1998, SONGZ AUTOMOBILE AIR CONDITIONING CO., LTD. has committed to research, development, manufacturing and marketing in the field of transport temperature control systems. SONGZ devotes itself to auto air conditioning systems as a premium brand and will become a world class supplier with state-of-the art technique and in-house processing in the near future.


    Bus Air conditioning including Electric Bus Air Conditioning

    Passenger Car Air Conditioning

    Rail Transit Air Conditioning

    Truck Refrigeration Units

    Compressors and other Spare Parts


    By cooperating with more than 1000 key accounts in the field of public transportation and bus manufacturer, SONGZ secures 35% of Chinese market share, Till now SONGZ has been awarded as an A-CLASS SUPPLIER by premium bus manufacturer, such as BYD, YUTONG, HIGER, FOTON, KINGLONG and etc.


    SONGZ has been well recognized in global market since 2003. Our successful performance in the course of international expansion is partly shared as below:

    In America, SONGZ has been supplying air conditioning systems to Ecuador since 2007 and the market share has been more than 50% from 2016. SONGZ has been supplying bus air conditioning to DINA, one of the largest bus manufacturer in Mexico. Other customers are from Colombia, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Argentina and so on.

    In Asia, SONGZ has established close cooperation with customers and distributors from India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Middle East and etc.

    In India, SONGZ market share in 2007 already exceeded 10% and it has been growing year by year. Though the summer temperature in some regions often reaches more than 50?, passengers can always feel refreshed with the cool air from SONGZ.

    In Philippines, HINO has authorized SONGZ as OEM supplier.

    In Indonesia, the first 18 meters BRT city bus line adopted SONGZ bus AC and SONGZ was also recognized by Indonesia government as one of the TOP 3 reliable and qualified bus air conditioning suppliers.

    In Malaysia, not only buses but also railway vehicles have adopted SONGZ air conditioners.

    In Thailand, sales volume exceeds 500 units annually. Almost all the new shuttle buses that travel between the Suvarnabhumi International Airport (Bangkok) and the city center have been installed of SONGZ AC.

    In Middle East, SONGZ have totally supplied over 9000 sets, 4500 sets for pilgrimage buses in Saudi Arabia, 2000 sets in Iran and 2500 sets in Kuwait.

    In Europe, SONGZ has met the high demands of customers from Germany, Tureky, Romania, Cyprus, Russia, Ukraine in term of performance, quality, appearance, and environmental friendliness.

    In Ukraine, SONGZ has been supplying bus air conditioners to LAZ for buses ranging from 10 to 12 meters for more than 10 years. The AC units run and perform well in the high latitude areas during both humid summers and cold winters.

    In Russia, SONGZ supply to GAZ group, include bus manufacturer of LIAZ, PAZ and KAVZ.

    In Turkey, the first line of electric bus has installed SONGZ electric bus air conditioning.

    In Oceania, SONGZ supplies to KIWI BUS, including 18 meters BRT, and specially designed bus air conditioning systems to cope with the highly humid climate.

    In Africa, especially in South Africa, SONGZ have supplied more than 10000 sets in total. SONGZ has already made inroads into Nigeria, Malawi, Kenya, Burkina Faso.

    Product Information

    Features: 1. High cost performance ratio. 2. Cooling capacity ranges from 35kW to 38kW, applicable to 11.5-12m midibus. 3. Streamline appearance, with strong anti wind capacity. 4. Anti corrosion and anti tough climatic conditions capability. 5. Adoption of F 7 mm inner grooved copper tube for heat exchanger can achieve energy saving, low oil consumption and great cost performance ratio. 6. Automatic temperature control system with digital display and self-diagnosis system makes it serv
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