Advanced Rail Management Corporation

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About Us

Advanced Rail Management Corp. is a consulting/service company specializing in assessing rail and wheel conditions, and designing and supervising rail grinding and wheel truing programs on, passenger and rail transit and rail freight systems.


ARM has 30 years of experience in assessing issues relating to wheel/rail noise, ride quality, and excessive rail and/or wheel wear on North American passenger and rail transit systems. ARM has the technical expertise to identify the problems and the practical know-how required to address them.

ARM’s services include:


Optical Rail Measurement

ARM utilizes highly accurate, state-of-the-art hardware and software to measure:

• actual versus desired rail profiles

• gauge and cant angle

• percent of vertical and gauge head loss

Measurement data is used to:

• Identify rail type.

• Perform trend analysis (wear versus tonnage)

• Forecast short- and long-term maintenance and rail replacement needs

• Provide quality control through pre- and post-grinding measurements that determine metal-removal rates and verify that the desired profiles are in place


Rail and Wheel Surface condition Assessment

ARM utilizes highly accurate, state-of-the-art hardware and software to measure:

• measure and quantify rail corrugation

• measure rail surface roughness (and the wheel/rail noise associated with it)

• assess the friction conditions the effectiveness of friction management/lubrication programs

• identify rolling contact fatigue (RCF)

• measure the depth/angle of cracks in the rail surface with eddy current (walking stick and hi-rail) units

Measurement data is used to:

• recommend corrective action

• verify the effectiveness of maintenance procedures

• forecast short- and long-term maintenance requirements needs

• ensure that RCF-inducing cracks have been removed after grinding



Rail Grinding Planning and Supervision

ARM has the expertise to plan and oversee all phases of a rail grinding plan. ARM’s field and technical staff is uniquely qualified to:

• analyze rail (and wheel) conditions

• recommend and design rail profiles that match your system’s operating (and wheel) conditions

• develop a grinding plan based on information from field inspections and sample wheel measurements

• obtain rail grinding equipment and manage the grinding operation

• manage owned or leased rail grinding equipment


Data Integration and Analysis

ARM utilizes software that can analyze and integrating ARM- or customer-provided data on wheel and rail wear, ultrasonic-defect, track-geometry, or other data. ARM can also match rail measurements with wheel measurement data to:

• model wheel/rail contact and interaction

• predict rail and wheel wear and plan rail grinding and wheel truing cycles

• recommend optimized rail and wheel profiles, and grinding and truing cycles


Wheel/Rail Noise Assessment and Abatement

ARM partners with experts in acoustics and to record and characterize wheel/rail-generated noise on all types of structures, including subways, elevated structures, and open track. Noise Assessment and Abatement services include:

• acoustic monitoring and analysis to identify the source of wheel/rail-generated noise

• assessment of wheel/rail surface conditions

• assessment of wheel/rail friction conditions

• development and execution of noise mitigation plans


Wheel Truing

ARM’s knowledgeable staff and vehicle dynamics consultants provide the expertise required to:

• measure existing wheel profiles

• design improved wheel profiles to optimize vehicle performance

• assess wheel truing procedures

• train railway personnel to operate and calibrate wheel cutting equipment


Turnkey Services

ARM can combine all or some of its services to provide a complete, turnkey service. As a Turnkey Services provider, ARM combines years of technical engineering expertise with practical, in-the-field experience to identify the problem, provide a solution, and present the results in a format that customers understand.

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