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    Ryan Larsen
    Senior Vice President
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    Jim Stec
    Vice President of Business Development
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    Susan Starwalt
    Business Development Director
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    Priscilla Vargas
    Business Development Director
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    Rex Clark
    Business Development Director
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    940 West Valley Road, Suite 1400, Wayne, PA 19087 United States

    About Us

    Ecolane is an automated dispatching, scheduling and routing software system that serves approximately 200 paratransit, NEMT, on-demand and microtransit customers worldwide. Ecolane was created by transit professionals for transit professionals to fit the unique restraints of the transportation industry. With U.S. headquarters right outside of Philadelphia, PA, Ecolane is a technology leader in the U.S., Canada and other international markets serving both public and private transit sectors. Ecolane delivers solutions for paratransit, NEMT, campus, government, healthcare systems and other forward-thinking  agencies of all sizes.  With the ultimate goal of providing management teams with superior technological solutions that work to increase productivity, maximize efficiency, and improve the rider experience, Ecolane develops superior transit software to enable agencies to meet rising rider demands.

    Product Information

    Ecolane is an automated dispatching and scheduling system that features the industry’s only continuous real-time optimization that yields improves the rides per hour on the day of service. Ecolane DRT is a software solution designed to meet the complex needs of transit agencies of all sizes. Significant productivity gains are realized with increases in on-time performance (OTP) and rides per hour (RPH). The DRT solution enables agencies to meet increasing demands and rising costs.