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    About Us

    Nokia creates the technology to connect the world, developing and delivering the industry’s only end-to-end portfolio of network equipment, software, services and licensing that is available globally. Our customers include enterprises that use our network portfolio to increase productivity and enrich lives. The Nokia Bell Labs Future X for industries architecture provides a framework for enterprises to accelerate their digitalization and automation journey to Industry 4.0.

    Nokia is the world leader in GSM-Railway, with extensive experience in providing GSM-R systems to rail operators in 22 countries, covering 109,000 km of track. Overall, Nokia has provided networking, cybersecurity, IoT and analytics solutions to 110+ operators for both mainline and metro rail. Nokia has also pioneered the private wireless space with many verticals, and now has over 150 large enterprise customers deploying it around the world.

    Mainline and metro transit railways provide reliable, safe, on-time, journeys for millions of people and products every day, playing a critical role in our communities and our economies. With a transformed, digital railway, operators can deliver new and fully connected rail experiences. With a reliable, secure communications network from Nokia, railway operators benefit from new levels of ‘connectedness’ and automation – while reducing costs, improving efficiency and enhancing overall service.

    Nokia’s IoT for Railways portfolio combines our industry leading mission-critical connectivity networks with IoT-based digital automation solutions. Our platform-based approach to IoT implementation eliminates operational technology silos so that all sensors, devices, subsystems and applications connected to railway assets can work seamlessly together.

    Nokia’s advanced analytics solutions enhance operations in-context, in-motion, and in-real-time. Our solutions collect, correlate, and visualizing data to optimize people, assets and processes, helping railway operators predictively maintain operations, intelligently manage assets and automate intelligence.