Avail Technologies, Inc.

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(04a) Manufacturers and Suppliers
1960 Old Gatesburg Road Suite 200, State College, PA 16803 United States

About Us

With nearly two decades of nationwide experience serving the transit industry, Avail Technologies is pioneering total transit solutions.  Its flagship products, the role-based myAvail CAD/AVL software platform, myStop® Mobile real-time passenger information app, and the Fleet-Net® ERP product suite deliver robust comprehensive enterprise solutions that are smart, reliable, and convenient. Avail’s total enterprise solution offers best-of-breed products for Finance Management, Payroll Processing, Human Resources, Inventory Management, Maintenance, Asset Management, Procurement Management, Operations, Planning/Scheduling, Statistical Reporting Management, as well as federal, state and National Transit Database (NTD) reporting.

Avail is driven to partner with organizations that share its values and vision to revolutionize the adoption of ITS to solve real-world transit challenges.  As the only ESOP systems integration vendor in the industry, Avail’s commitment to its customer’s success is personal.