Enghouse Transportation

80 Tiverton Court, Suite 800, Markham, ON L3R 0G4 Canada

About Us

Enghouse Transportation is a leading provider of software solutions for transit.  Our solutions maximize efficiencies and enhnace customer communications.  Our enterprise solutions have helped improve transportation services of all sizes throughout North America.

Our comprehensive suite of products include:

  • Sched21 - Fixed Route Scheduling & Dispatching
  • TransView - Paratransit Scheduling & Dispatching
  • TeleDriver - Integrated Driver Timekeeping and Dispatching
  • BusLine - Fixed Route IVR
  • HandyLine - Paratransit IVR
  • CrewLine - Operator IVR
  • FareLine - Fare IVR
  • Integration with all industry CAD/AVL Systems

We are changing the way people travel, with intelligent solutions for intelligent transportation.