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MJM Innovations was founded in 1998 to provide technology solutions and management services to transit and senior agencies. Our solutions improve operations, data management and customer service by providing an efficient, cost effective and more secure system. The EzTransport® trip management, fare collection, routing/scheduling and participant management solution is used by agencies to manage trips and fares for transportation programs throughout the country.  EzTransport has been used to manage millions of trips in paratransit, senior and other transportation programs since it was first implemented in 2001. Our goal is to develop and implement technology that integrate software, hardware and management services.  We work with agencies to adapt EzTransport to meet their needs such as outsourcing of trips to taxis and other vehicles, which is currently being used by the MD MTA, LADOT, WMATA, Dallas Area Transit and others.

EzTransport is a web-based application that includes web portals, in-vehicle hardware and transaction processing software.  The EzTransport fare solution is available with a mobile app, swipe card, cardless and open loop card technology option. Some of the application modules include participant management, invoicing and billing, trip auditing, routing and scheduling, call manager and robust reporting.  Some of the features/benefits of EzTransport include:

  • Web-based software for all modes of transportation
  • Mobile apps for drivers and riders
  • Add and manage participants- including user profiles, trips and activities
  • Document and track calls and tasks
  • Electronically captures trip, fare and passenger information
  • Verify and audit trips and fares
  • Manage multiple providers and programs
  • Optimize routes and schedules
  • Create reports that agencies and states require

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Product Information

EzTransport is an automated trip management, fare collection and routing/scheduling solution for small to medium sized transit agencies. This cost-effective system includes a web-based application, mobile apps, in-vehicle hardware, card and app solutions and web portals for system management. The EzTransport solution works for paratransit, senior transportation and other transportation programs.
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